First of all, thanks for visiting this website whose aim is to help you by making your trip easy.  When we consider travelling somewhere we all check travel guides, magazines and travel forums, but then comes putting it into practise. Since my first solo (sola) trip to Paris many years ago, I started sharing information or giving practical tips to travellers who said they found them useful, so I decided to create this website so that you can find everything here at your fingertips. What is here is what I've seen or stepped on personally, and so are all of the opinions.  Your experience might be different from mine and I'd like to hear from you. 

   Some of the trips I've done by myself, in some I've been lucky to share the road with some great companions and in a few of them I've hooked with other travellers I've met on the way. The thing is, with some basic common sense, travelling solo is safe and often exhilarating for a woman. So you'll find how to get from A to B, recommendations for places to visit, where to eat, or stay, some agencies or businesses which were particularly helpful; as well as some comments about a few places or people to avoid.  I am aware my views might affect some people whose jobs depend on tourists, but unfortunately some travellers receive some unhelpful treament which may put us not only short of money but also get us into some very unpleasant or even dangerous situations, so I believe we travellers can help each other by offering our suggestions. 

    I'll be gradually adding my adventures and I'm starting with a trip to Nepal.  You're welcome to subscribe should you wish to receive any novelties by email.


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